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The Accommodation

We offer the most modern cattery facility available. Each unit is superbly insulated, spacious with its own heater and excellent run size, allowing your cat to laze in the sun on summer days, or keep cosy inside on the rainy days. They are also able to look out of their own window and take in the daily life at the cattery and prevent boredom. We hope your cat will love boarding here.


We have single and double sized units allowing cats from the same family to share.


  • All units are mezzanine style with cosy inside sleeping shelf

  • All units have spacious exercise runs

  • Individual heaters are provided in all sleeping areas

  • Cosy vet beds are provided for each cat. You are welcome to bring your own bedding as well as it will have familiar smells to help your cat to settle in quickly.

  • Selection of toys and scratch posts for stimulation (or feel free to bring your own)

  • Individual litter trays - cleaned twice a day

  • We are fitted with CCTV and security lighting

  • Single units suit 1 cat

  • Double units suit 2-3 cats from the same family




We invite our customers to come and have a viewing before booking their cats in to ensure they will be completely comfortable boarding with us, and to give you peace of mind.


Call or email us to book a viewing appointment during our opening hours.