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How to choose a cattery


Make sure that you view your chosen cattery before you book. Owners who fail to view may turn up on the day of boarding to find they are very unhappy indeed at the standard of accommodation but by then it is too late. Cattery fees are all within a very close price range, you inevitably pay as much for a bad one as you do for a good one. Look at several until you get the one you are happy to entrust your cat with.


What to look for


1) First check the cleanliness of the establishment. Look at litter trays of the boarding cats and make sure they are being cleaned out every day. Do the premises as a whole looked well cared for?


2) Ask to see exactly where your cat will stay and check it looks comfortable for your cat. Ask about what your cat will be fed, and when. If you cat has special needs make sure the cattery is willing to comply before you book him in.


3) Find out who is the registered vet for the cattery and what cover is in place for out of hours treatment and emergencies.


4) Ask about the heating provision so you can be sure that it is safe and adequate for your cat.


5) Have a look at the other cats that are boarding at the cattery. Do they look happy and relaxed? Do the staff/owners seem knowledgeable and caring?


We are very proud of our cattery. That is why we encourage potential clients to arrange a viewing appointment (for safety and security) during our opening hours. We will ensure we are able to take the time to talk with you and show you around.